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Captivating discoveries!

Come discover the amazing animal collection from McGill University’s Redpath Museum. Our on-site zoologists will give presentations using our interactive stations. We also have a great number of insects and reptiles, and they are truly captivating!

Whether you visit the pavilion upon your arrival at Parc Safari, or just before you leave, our zoologists will explain the many wonders of the animal kingdom. Use our microscopes to observe infinitely small things, touch and feel all sorts of different porcupine spines, and so much more. Kids will love the pavilion!

At the Discovery Pavilion, come and see insects and reptiles from a different point of view. Experience the “night hut” where you can observe fluorescent scorpions, or learn a few new things about bats’ active night life.


In association with the Redpath Museum of McGill University in Montreal

Discovery Pavilion

Best time to visit

First thing in the morning, or mid-afternoon.

Bird Garden

Our magnificent and highly trained birds of prey will showcase their skills at one of our many live presentations. Check the schedule for available presentations.

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