This year, the Friends of Parc Safari Foundation has undertaken to realize their vision of a zoo of a new generation “unique in the world” through its originality. Land in Afrika and Asia that was home to a diversity of species just 70 years ago has now been converted for farming or human habitation, which underscores the importance of places like Parc Safari.
The Friends of Parc Safari Foundation (FAPS) manages the livestock and facilities of Parc Safari. FAPS also collaborates with researchers in the United States and Germany on a study of assisted reproduction in African elephants; they collaborate with zoos in Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada; they participate in programs for the protection of white lions; and they have participated with great success in international programs for cheetah conservation. This role is fundamental to Parc Safari’s mission: demonstrate the beauty and diversity of endangered species to as many people as possible.
Parc Safari opened in 1972 and was the fifth of its kind. As it has done for 46 years, the park will continue to add new attractions and serve as a sanctuary where visitors can see animals living in large enclosures reminiscent of the plains of Africa and miniature reproductions of spectacular natural and man-made sites.

We have invested million over the last 16 years and by the year 2022, we will invest million more. Half of that amount will come from the Government of Québec for the modernization of zoological, recreational and public facilities that will help us continue to realize our mission to “Create a unique cite for recreation and environmental awareness for the whole family”.

The management team of the Foundation and Parc Safari thank you for your visit.

Dr. Michel Hébert, President of the Friends of Parc Safari Foundation

Jean-Pierre Ranger, President of Parc Safari

Jean-Pierre Ranger

President of Parc Safari and Owner, Parc Safari