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Model of the new Descente du Nil

Created by Stéfan Vandal

Dolphin's Lagoon

The Dolphin Lagoon is a gathering of slides, shallow pools and colorful water games that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Children and parents can have fun and refresh themselves on hot summer days. The slides present at this point are all performed without tubes. Enjoy the Dolphin Lagoon this summer.

Wave ball

The wave ball was the novelty of the 2018 season. The waves are formed by a large red ball that is in the middle of a leveled pool. The ball is pulled towards the bottom by a mechanism that can be adjusted, creating large or small waves. Come and get rocked by the waves of this pool this summer.

Lazy River

The tubes are lowered onto single-place tubes. This descent allows you a moment of relaxation during which you float and let yourself be carried by the river. You can admire the African scenery that surrounds you all along the way. Come and enjoy the tube descent this summer. Please note that a fee of $2 per person per day applies for the use of the tubes.

Dino Paddling

The Dino paddling pool is a small dinosaur-shaped pool for the little ones. Parents can introduce their young children to swimming in a unique setting. Let your little ones discover the pleasures of swimming this summer.


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