Tropical Oasis

The Tropical Oasis offers the new Nile River tube ride, three large colorful slides, the Wave Ball pool, a large deeper pool and a relaxation area under the umbrellas. The pink and green slides are body slides. The blue slide is a two person tube slide.

A minimum height of 4ft (1.20m) is required to use the waterslides and the deeper part of the Wave Ball pool. 

Dolphins Lagoon

The Dolphins Lagoon has medium sized waterslides, shallow pools and a ton of colorful water games that can be enjoyed by everybody. Children and parents alike can have fun and cool off on hot summer days.

* Due to COVID-19 regulations, the inside space of two of the water games modules is not accessible this year. The smaller waterslides attached to them can therefore not be used. The Lagoon’s other waterslides are in operation *

Wave pool

Waves are created by a large red ball in the middle of a leveled pool. The ball is pulled towards the bottom by a mechanism that can be adjusted, creating large or small waves.

Dino wading pool

The Dino wading pool is a small dinosaur-shaped pool. Parents can introduce their young children to swimming in a unique setting. Let your little ones discover the joy of swimming this summer.

Aquapark informations, rules and conditions.

Exceptionally this year, tickets for the Aquapark are sold separately.

Each visitor must also have a valid 1 DAY TICKET – ANIMAL AREA to enter Parc Safari and access the Aquapark.

All sectors of the Aquapark must operate at reduced capacity to remain compliant with the demands of the Ministry of Public Health.

  • Wearing a swimsuit is mandatory. 
  • The swimsuit must be fitted to the body and safe.
  • For babies/toddlers: regular baby diapers are prohibited in the pools. Wearing a swim diaper is mandatory in the pools. 
  •  Clothing made of cotton or other absorbent fabrics (rayon, hemp, wool, etc.) are prohibited in the pools*. 
  •  Only non-absorbent fabrics (spandex, nylon, polyester, etc.) are allowed in the pools.

*All waterparks that are members of the Regroupement des parcs aquatiques du Québec apply this regulation. Why?  These fabrics absorb and spread laundry soap, fabric softener and bacteria, causing deterioration in water quality. When wet, these fabrics become heavy and pose a safety risk to swimmers.

  • Wave ball pool, size of the waves varies on the different levels of the pool
  • Large waterslides
  • Nile River tube ride, from Uganda to Egypt!

Ideal for adults and older children


  • A minimum height of 4ft (1.20m) is required to use the waterslides and the deeper part of the Wave ball pool.
  • Children 6yo and under must be accompanied by an adult to go on the Nile River tube ride.
  • Must be a good swimmer. Some areas of the pools are too deep to stand on the bottom.

Life vests and flotation devices are prohibited in the waterslides and Wave ball pool. They are allowed in the Nile River tube ride and the Oasis pool.

Maximum depth: 5’ 7” (1.70m)


Ideal for everyone.

No minimum height required.

Slides of all sizes, for adults and children.

Multiple water games, including a huge raised pail that pours water suddenly.

One area with smaller waterslides is for children 5yo and under.

Life vests and flotation devices are prohibited in the waterslides, they stick to the slides and stop the descent.  They are allowed everywhere else in the Dolphins’ Lagoon.

Maximum depth: 30 inch


Ideal for children 6yo and under.

Wading pool with small water jets and a small gently sloping slide.

Maximum depth: 19 inch

Life vests and flotation devices are allowed

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