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Every year, Parc Safari welcomes a large number of babies. Some are with their mothers and others, due to special needs, are in the hands of our admirable zoologists. That is to say, each baby animal has a very unique story. Discover these stories through the pages of our website, or by coming to meet them this summer at Parc Safari.

This summer, you will be able to observe our newborns, among others, in the Safari Adventure, the Afrika Terrace and the Farm of the Five Continents.

Come and visit them!


Antelope Nilgaut

The baby was born last February. Born from a litter of two small Nilgauts, he was taken care of by zoologists since he was weaker than his counterpart. In the wild, Nilgot usually have two young, and most of the time only one of them survives. Fortunately, here we had the chance to give this little one a second chance. He is very charming with the zoologists who take care of him. He loves to cover them with little kisses when they take care of them.


Toutsie was born last January. He and his sister are their mother's first babies. Unfortunately, at birth, Toutsie was weak and, like any species, his mother abandoned him to take care of his sister who was in good shape. Fortunately, zoologists are present in this kind of situation. Toutsie was therefore cared for by two zoologists who each in turn took care of him by feeding him with a bottle. Today he is back with his horde and the reintroduction went very well. You can see him at the Five Continents Farm this summer.

Antelope Addax

The baby was born last February. Several other Addax mothers gave birth in the same month, but this baby has a unique story. As he is this mother's first baby, she has not been able to take care of him properly. As a result of this rejection, the boy found himself unassisted in the Addax enclosure. So the zoologists decided to bottle-feed him to give him a chance to live. Today, he is in great shape and very energetic. You can see it in the Safari Adventure this summer.

Stella, the giraffe

On November 8, Kigalie gave birth to our new star which, following a competition on our social networks, is called Stella. Kigalie's birth was a success and she continues her wonderful work with Stella in a remarkable way. Following the death of the baby's father, zoologists are proud to see how she takes care of her baby. Little Stella starts to be curious and lets zoologists get closer and closer to her. You can see her at the Afrika Terrace this summer.


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